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I love happy weddings. It’s one of the reasons why I became a Wedding Photographer. The joy, laughter and memorable moments at these celebrations are unique. Many years later, looking at an image of that day is enough to put a smile on your face and uplift your day.

One of the keys to a memorable wedding is choosing a great venue. I often advise my couples to choose a venue that they both love. People will always link you to the location that you choose. You’ll also get to see it in most of your wedding pictures. 

Occasionally when I document a wedding in a beautiful space, I love to share the details. Who knows, it could be just what a couple-to-be is looking for. My job as a wedding photographer is also to help your wedding planning process where possible.

That’s why I’ll be talking about the wedding at the museum of literature in Dublin in this post. This recent moli museum of literature ireland is gaining popularity in Dublin and nearby environs and can be sure added to the list of unique dublin wedding venues. It offers couples a chance to have the celebration of their dreams in style.

I had a chance to document an entire wedding at the museum of literature, and the experience was wonderful. So, I’ll be sharing a bit about that in this article. Grab a cup of tea and let’s talk about MOLi venue hire or weddings at MOLi.

The Wedding Venue– MOLi

The Museum of Literature MOLi  was created to celebrate a rich and beautiful history. In my opinion, that makes it a fabulous wedding venue. It is most ideal for a small wedding and can host up to 60 guests. The Old Physics Theatre is where the lovely ceremony can hold and has a private entrance for guests. This helps to keep your intimate gathering personal and exclusive.

After your ceremony, you can have a private drinks reception in the beautiful saloon. Couples often choose to use this for their cocktail hour. While guests lounge about and celebrate, the couple can have their wedding day photo shoot at the reader’s garden or the famous Iveagh’s garden and of course around the Museum of Literature grounds and inside. 

For the lovely MOLi wedding that I documented here, we used Iveagh’s garden for First Look and later for photos. I especially loved that this venue had private access to Iveagh’s gardens, which made things easier. Here is how the day went.

Getting Ready

I started this couple’s wedding, documenting them as they got ready at Stauntons on the Green Hotel. All of the venues this couple used for their wedding were quite close and did not require driving around. Literally next door. It made documenting their celebration fun and easy. 

Usually I start with some details photos. Of the dress, flowers, accessories and then start documenting the preparations. Capturing the feeling, the vibe of the morning relaxed atmosphere. Once everyone was ready, it was time for this couple’s first look.

The First Look

First Looks are very beautiful and emotional wedding moments. I love it because it lets me document the couple looking fresh and excited for the day. You can also clearly see the love in their eyes as they see each other before the big ceremony.

This couple had their first look at the famous Iveagh Gardens, which, as I’ve mentioned, was near. So all we needed to do was take a walk to capture the gorgeous pictures. Look how happy the bride and the groom look to see each other. 

I also love that first looks are a great way to deal with nerves before your wedding. Who better to reassure you than the love of your life?

The Ceremony at Museum of Literature

The bride and groom were walking down the aisle together. 

Soon after the document signing and first kiss, the celebrant introduced the couple as married, and guests cheered.It is details like these that show how beautiful the wedding was.

Cocktail Hour // The Wedding Photoshoot

Cocktail hour for the couple and their guests is held at the beautiful saloon as it does for all Museum of Literature weddings. Drinks were served, and everyone had a great time mingling and having conversations. 

Before this, however, I was able to capture the family portraits at this celebration. These featured the couple with close friends and family members. Everyone was excited to be part of the Museum of Literature wedding photography.

While cocktail hour happened, I snuck the couple again for their wedding day photoshoot. As I mentioned earlier, having a first look means fewer photos during your wedding day photoshoot. Couples also love this as it gives them more time to spend with loved ones at drinks reception before the dinner.

The grounds of Iveagh Garden were a wonderful backdrop for this couple’s pictures. We all had fun taking pictures. I especially loved that you can see how deeply in love this couple is. Then we headed back for cocktail hour. 

The Wedding Reception

This couple’s Museum of Literature wedding reception was fun, exciting and beautiful. I had a great time capturing the emotions, deep appreciation during the speeches, the beautiful toasts and special moments.

This couple also cut their wedding cake, and then it was time to get on the dancefloor and party. This happened at the 37 Dawson Street. I thank this couple for letting me document their MOLi wedding. I wish them both the best now and always. 

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